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You have to sleep in a tent during Fjällräven Classic Sweden. Please leave good distance between your and others’ tents and follow the regulations regarding camping at the mountain cabins. You have to respect the camping restrictions in Abisko National Park. Within the national park you’re only allowed to camp, or make a fire, around the Abiskojaure Cabins and at a special tent location near Nissanjåkk, 5km from Abisko Tourist Station.

You’re not allowed to sleep in or seek shelter in the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins, unless it’s an emergency. You’re also not permitted to cook or borrow equipment from the cabins. However, you can use the sauna at Sälka and Alesjaure and you can buy provisions at the cabins’ shops. You can also visit the restaurant in Kebnekaise and the café in Alesjaure.


If you don’t follow the rules regarding camping and the utilisation of the Swedish Tourist Association’s cabins you will not recieve the Fjällräven Classic medal at finish.


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