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Summer 2019 Classic USA

Deep in the Colorado Backcountry

Building on the inspiration and magic behind the Fjallraven Swedish Classic, we launched the Fjallraven US Classic in 2016. This unique adventure not only taps into our Swedish history, but builds community and long-lasting memories for all who attend this 3-day epic journey. Travel through the Colorado mountains, cross over flowing streams, and enjoy the company of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who are seeking to enjoy nature. The journey isn’t easy, but the experience of living simply and caring for the earth during this time is unforgettable. Our goal is to inspire and enable more people to get outside while preserving and protecting nature.

Join us as we adventure through the Colorado Rockies for epic views, rewarding climbs and an experience that will last a lifetime.

New Territory

Same Traditions

Taking the Classic legacy to a new continent, this high-altitude Classic is like no other.


In The Making

After just one small-scale Classic USA, people are already eager to go again. And they couldn’t wait to share their memories.

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