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Published: June 5th 2020


Dear trekking community,



As you are aware, the COVID-19 situation made us cancel a lot of Fjällräven Classic events planned for 2020 (see info below). We were hoping that things would calm down after a few months so that our Fjällräven Classic events in South Korea and Hong Kong would still be able to take place and inspire more people to get out in nature.


But after further assessment of the COVID-19 situation in those countries, together with our local partners on site we have come to the conclusion that we unfortunately also have to cancel the Fjällräven Classic events in South Korea and Hong Kong for 2020.


Even though the situation in both countries is getting better, there are still travel restrictions and 14-day quarantine rules in place for incoming travelers. That would not only create a lot of problems for us as event organizers but also for all participants.


When communities eventually do open up and restrictions are lifted, travel to big/semi big events will not be everybody’s first priority. Therefore we will focus on inspiring local activities in the outdoors instead, close to where people live. This way, we will be able to create great trekking experiences for both staff and fellow trekkers, while also staying safe and healthy.


Therefore, sadly, there won’t be any ticket sales for the Fjällräven Classic events in South Korea or Hong Kong 2020. But you can trust that we’re all very much looking forward to meet you on the trail in 2021.




Published: April 8th 2020


Dear Fjällräven Classic Community,


Trekking and walking in nature is arguably one of the most healthy activities you can undertake. Your stamina and physical health will improve with regular hikes. Also, your mental health will benefit from the fresh air, the sounds of the birds and all of nature’s colours. The risk for injuries is small, and even virus spread can be eliminated if you practice some distance to fellow trekkers.

Setting up trekking events like Fjällräven Classic is always complex yet dear challenge that we love to take on, but this year has proven to be a particularly complex year in many regards. We began 2020 with the great ambition of hosting no less than 8 Fjällräven Classic events. But it is with great sadness that we now have to inform you that the four Fjällräven Classics we have sold tickets to so far, will be cancelled for 2020.


The events in Sweden and Denmark cancelled until 2021.

Last week we cancelled the events in Germany and UK until 2021.

The US event in Colorado, is cancelled until 2021.

And as earlier communicated the Chinese event is cancelled until 2021.

The lights in the tunnel are the scheduled events in South Korea and Hong Kong. For those, we are still monitoring developments and evaluating the actions we could take in order to host safe and successful events. We have, however, postponed ticket sales for these events until August 2020, so that we can collect all the facts and make the right decisions.


For all participants that hold tickets to any of our events in 2020 (Sweden, Denmark, Germany and UK), the following applies:

-You can keep your ticket and use it in 2021, if you can’t make it yourself, forward it to someone who can.

-Or you can sell the ticket back to us and you will receive a full refund.

We will come back with further details to all ticketholders.

Even if this information is genuinely sad for us and all trekkers that were looking forward to the 2020 Fjällräven Classic, we want to emphasize the fact that we are not giving in. Our mission is to inspire people to walk with nature. Some areas in the world are slowly easing up on restrictions. And nature is becoming more accessible. Brighter days are ahead and we will be able to trek together again. In the meantime, stay safe, take care of those that are close to you and maybe prepare your pack, because, trails are waiting!




Published: April 2nd 2020


Dear Fjällräven Classic Community,


We are continuing to monitor developments globally and at our various event locations and the constantly changing situation naturally has consequences for our Fjällräven Classic events. As a general rule, we are not cancelling any event, merely postponing until 2021.

However, the 2020 Fjällräven Classic events that are not postponed, will probably be an altogether different experience than we are used to. Some of you won’t make it to the starting line because of personal reasons. Others might be prevented due to travel restrictions. And although we all hope to meet each other and trek together, our strong responsibility to minimize the spread of Covid-19 might force us to have to wait until 2021.


As of today, we simply don’t know what will happen, but here are some clarifications regarding your ticket:


-If we postpone, your ticket will be valid for 2021 instead.

-If you feel hesitant of your participation, you can re-sell or give your ticket to someone who can use it, and change the name on the ticket.

-If you want to sell the ticket back to us, you will receive a full refund.

We will contact all ticket holders as soon as any decisions are made regarding any events. Until then – if possible – keep trekking. If you are in an area with restrictions and unable to go outdoors, take some time to care for your equipment and practice what you can at home.




Published: March 13th 2020


Dear Fjällräven Classic Community,


As per now (CW11, 2020) we’re not planning to cancel the Classic events that we have sold tickets to. If we have to take actions due to further spread of COVID-19 and/or regulations affecting the events on the scheduled dates, we will postpone the event to a later date, this year or next year. Your tickets will be valid for the new dates.


If you want to cancel your participation due to being worried we refer to our Fjällräven Classic group on Facebook where you can sell and buy tickets.


Tickets to the Fjällräven Classic events in USA, Hong Kong and South Korea will be launched for public sale during the first half of May. Further info and a more detailed schedule will be published during April.


Fjällräven is monitoring the development both globally and in the specific areas where we host events. We will under no condition proceed with our events if we see that they could jeopardize the health or safety of our trekkers, volunteers, or staff in any way. Needless to say, we will comply to any rules or regulations issued by authorities in the areas we operate.


Fjällräven International management in cooperation with our Chinese partner has decided not to proceed with preparations for Fjällräven Classic China 2020. Due to the actual situation and its effects the event is cancelled for 2020 and we will not sell any tickets for this year. The reason is the global uncertainty and the schedule we must follow in order to deliver an event that meets ours, and the participants justified expectations.

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