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5 tips for nailing your first multi-day trek

5 tips for nailing
your first multi-day trek

Your first long-distance trek can be the make-or-break experience between loving or hating hiking in the great outdoors. We believe everyone can enjoy multi-day trekking, whatever your level of experience and fitness. It’s just about finding what works for you… and following these few handy tips.

1. Test everything before walking in the wild

And by testing we mean testing in real-life situations. So test pack your bag. Put on your walking boots and go for a walk. You might look silly walking around your local city park like this, but it’ll be worth it if you can fine tune your gear before the real deal. And don’t forget to pitch your tent somewhere too, making sure there aren’t any holes or missing poles.

2. Learn how to read a map using a compass

This isn’t just a good party trick; it could save your life. If the weather turns and visibility drops to close to zero, a map and compass can get you to where you want to go safely.

3. Plan, but with a built-in margin of error

You need to be flexible when hiking. The weather and your own body will impact your plans, so you should be able and willing to adjust. But, it’s still important to plan how long you need to walk each day, where there are shelters and where the hardest (often the steepest) parts of the trek are.

4. Treat yourself

This includes putting a bit of chocolate in your trail mix. Taking the time to give yourself a foot massage. Arriving at your campsite early enough to pitch your tent in daylight. And eating dinner before you get too hungry. Remember, trekking is supposed to be fun!

5. Be fussy when picking your campsite

When looking for a campsite go for a dry, flat surface, on a slight rise that’s close to running water. This is the optimum. You’ll probably have to make some compromises, but a flat, even and dry surface are the most important factors.

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