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Rental terms & conditions

§ 1. You as a lessee are responsible for the equipment you rent from us throughout the rental period.


§ 2. In the event of damage or loss of any product during the rental period, the lessee will be charged the repair cost and/or any impairment or purchase of equal / equivalent product. Non-returned product or product has been replaced with similar product, equivalent to theft and will be reported to the police.


§ 3. Fjällräven International AB owns the products. The lessee may not lend, sell, pledge, rent or transfer the products without written consent of Fjällräven International AB.


§ 4. Extension/longer than anticipated classic dates of rental period must be approved by Fjällräven International AB before the end of the regular rental period. Otherwise, 40 EUR/400 SEK/350 DKK will be charged per day, in addition to the regular rental cost.


§ 5. The rent is always paid before classic start with card or cash at the pickup location within the registration area. As long as no other agreement is reached. To make a booking you need to register participation number. No booking is valid before confirmation email is sent, as long as no other agreement is reached.


§ 6. Impact, modification or removal of labeling or other effects on the products is not permitted and will entail remediation costs or purchases of equivalent / equivalent product.


§ 7. Fjällräven International AB is responsible for ensuring that the products are in working order. In case of defects of the products, this must be reported to Fjällräven International AB or Classic personal as soon as possible.


§ 8. The products are counted as theft-proof. In the case of theft, the lessee is required to make a police report and to inform Fjällräven International AB. The renter will charge the product its full value.


§ 9. The products are not insured by Fjällräven International AB. The lessee is responsible for having sufficient private / home insurance.


§ 10. Valid identification (driving license / passport / equivalent) and Classic participation number are a requirement for rent.


§ 11. The renter and Fjällräven International AB shall jointly inspect the products in accordance with known and unknown defects so that no uncertainties arise upon return.


§ 12. The lessee is responsible for the use of the products only in their intended manner.


§ 13. As the lessee you are responsible for picking up your booking before start at Classic and aware of that delivery address in connection to the registration area for classic start. In case of non-collected equipment, 50 EUR/500 SEK/450 DKK is charged.


§ 14. If canceled up to seven days before the start of the rental period, the entire rental amount is refunded, except an administrative fee of 10 EUR/100 SEK/100 DKK. If canceled within three days prior to the start of the rental period, half of the entire rent will be refunded plus an administrative fee of 10 EUR/100 SEK/100 DKK.


Return Policy

You as a lessee have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from placing your reservation.

You can do this by contacting us at info@rentalfjallraven.se or 0730 – 512 091


§ 15. The lessee is responsible for having the knowledge required to handle the products and staying in the environments for which the products are made. The correct product does not replace assessment and risk awareness.


§ 16. The lease is valid irrespective of the weather.


§ 17. Discount codes are valid only at the time of booking. Subsequent credit is not made.


§ 18. All our prices are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.


§ 19. When renting a tent and you as a tenant do not use the accompanying tent pools, an additional cost of 350kr will be charged if the tent fabric have lost waterproofness. When the tent has been returned after the rental period.


Fjällräven international AB

Corporate registration number: 556725-7471


Modified 2019-12-10

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