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Common Questions


When can I start booking equipment?

Rental is available for Sweden and Denmark and is now open. The last date to place your rental equipment booking is two weeks before the event starts. When booking you need to add the information provided when purchasing your ticket for Fjällräven Classic.


When is classic?

Classic Denmark: 6-9 July 2022

Classic Sweden: 12-19 August 2022


How does it work and what does it cost?


1. Go to the booking (You can find the booking for Fjällräven Classic Sweden here and Fjällräven Classic Denmark here 

2. Select your preferred equipment in the form

3. Send your booking and make sure you receive a confirmation email

4. Pick up and pay when you get to Fjällräcen Classic before your start at the registration area. Your ticket number will be valid as a booking number

5. Enjoy the trail!

6. Return the equipment at the finish


Where can I pick up/drop off my rental equipment?

We are located nearby the registration area at Fjällräven Classic for pick up and at the finish area for drop off. We hand out equipment to you in person, so your identification is needed.


Why haven’t I received a response to the email I sent?

We send a response to every email sent. So if you haven‘t gotten yours yet it will come very soon.

We receive dozens of emails every day and we try our best to answer as fast as possible but in rare cases, it is possible that you have to wait up to 48h to get an answer. We are sorry for this delay.


How can I be sure that the equipment I need will be available?

We have a limited amount of rental equipment in stock. If for any unexpected reason we do not have the products available you have booked, we will alert you right after your booking is made and immediately work with you to find a suitable alternative.


Do you ask for a deposit or additional fees along with the rental?

Once your booking has been placed, there are no extra fees.

We do not ask for a deposit, we put our trust in our participants.


When are you open?

Our contact / pick up and drop off centre is open every day from 9:00 to 20:00 during the time of classic.

Can I cancell my order? 

Cancellation of your order – 100 % refund

We offer free cancellation up to five days after booking, no questions asked.

If cancelled up to seven days before the start of the rental period (Classic start), the entire rental amount is refunded, except for an administrative fee of 10 EUR/100 SEK/100 DKK. If cancelled within three days before the start of the rental period, we will take an administrative fee of 10 EUR/100 SEK/100 DKK and half of the rental cost will be refunded.


What should I do if I sell my Fjällräven Classic ticket?

If you sell your ticket you have to cancel your rental booking, following the cancellation policy due to administration storage and transportation of equipment.


Is it used equipment?

All our equipment is owned by Fjällräven or Primus. We buy nothing secondhand or similar so that we can guarantee the quality of the equipment.


Do I need to wash or dry the equipment before handing it back?

No. When you finish you just leave the equipment you rented to us and we take care of everything. Please make sure to hand back all equipment you rented.


What happens to the equipment after I have returned the equipment? 

We always go through and wash all equipment after they have been used to restore the quality. We also check all products to make sure they do not need repair or similar.


Do you sell out your equipment after classic?

Depending on the quality and usage we will have certain products for sale after Fjällräven Classic. These products will be found on the Fjällräven Classic homepage.


Can I buy the equipment after Fjällräven Classic?

You have the opportunity to buy the equipment you used during Fjällräven Classic for the retail price – rental cost after the finish.


If I am not participating in Fjällräven Classic, can I still rent?

You cannot rent through Fjällräven Classic rental without a ticket number. If you wish to rent Fjällräven products for other dates or purposes than classic, we recommend looking at Naturkompaniet’s rental services.


What does it cost?

You can find all costs in the rental forms. We send you a confirmation email from your booking when confirmed including the price for the equipment of your choice.

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