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Classic China

Fjällräven Classic China, a pioneering trekker’s dream



A stunning mountain landscape – but yet without any established infrastructure for outdoor recreation. This is where Fjällräven comes in. The purpose, as it was in Sweden once upon a time, is to make it easier to access nature and to raise interest and awareness for long distance trekking.

China has undergone an incredibly rapid change over the last years, and outdoor culture is a fairly new phenomenon. Here, Fjällräven will not only break new trail in an area where very little trekking has been done before, but will also be part of defining the meaning of the word “outdoor”. And by establishing Classic, Fjällräven hopes to set an example in sustainable trekking, where nature comes first. The trek will start at 3,000 meters above sea level, and reach its highest point at 3,800 meters, leading participants through an area in Qinghai province, over a high plateau surrounded by snow-capped peaks, skirting past yak farmers and goat herders along the way.


“The Classic event is a great opportunity for people to get out there and learn more about nature, outdoor life – and themselves. Our belief is that this will create more consciousness and a will to take care of the nature we have around the corner”, says China GM Mr. Ling Ming Wen.


The journey isn’t easy. And to fully enjoy it you need to come prepared in mind, body and spirit. But the result is worth it: to live simply; to move at your own pace and to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and nature. Maybe even make some new friends along the way. And, of course, have a whole lot of fun.


This is a journey like no other. Even though you go at your own pace, you’ll met other trekkers who, despite different levels of experience, all share the same love for nature; the same willingness to spend time in the outdoors.


Environmental Issues


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