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During The Trek

During The Trek

There are four checkpoints (including the start) and three campsites along the Fjällräven Classic Denmark trail and you have to get your Trekking Pass stamped at all of them. In case of emergency and the officials have to leave the tent, the stamp will be placed outside the tent for you to stamp your Hiking Pass yourself.

Unlike Classic Sweden, you’re not free to camp anywhere. So we create three campsites for you to stay in. You can’t skip a campsite or stay at one for more than a single night. So, here is the schedule for when you can stay in each camp:

Trek 1:

Camp 1 at Holstenshuus
Camp 2 at Egebjerg
Camp 3 at Bjørnemose Gods

Trek 2:

Camp 1 at Holstenshuus
Camp 2 at Egebjerg
Camp 3 at Bjørnemose Gods


Note that once you’ve started on either Trek 1 or Trek 2 according to your start number, you can’t swap treks.

We provide you with a Trash Bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances to drop litter. If you do so, you will be disqualified. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish. You can empty the Trash Bag at every campsite.

Unlike Classic Sweden where you pick up a whole load of freeze-dried meals at the start to last your several days, at Classic Denmark we supply you with food each day. These freeze-dried food packets will be available at each campsite along with drinking water.

You can abandon Fjällräven Classic Denmark at any time, but unless you’re seriously injured it’s your responsibility to make your way to the nearest transport hub. If you’re seriously injured Fjällräven staff can help you. In any case, you must always notify Fjällräven staff of your desire to leave at the nearest checkpoint or by calling the number in your Trekking Pass.

Although there is no formal time for completing Fjällräven Classic Denmark or for making it to each checkpoint each day, in respect to landowners’ interests and due to the hunting season, you’re only allowed to trek between the hours of 8am and 7pm each day.

Additionally, we start closing down the checkpoints and campsites at certain times. So in order to get your Trekking Pass stamped you need to adhere to the following times:

• Østrupgaard checkpoint closes at 3pm

• Holstenshuus checkpoint closes at 7pm

• Præstens Skov checkpoint closes at 3pm

• Egebjerg checkpoint closes at 7pm

• Svendborgsundbroen checkpoint closes at 3pm

• Bjørnemose Gods checkpoint closes at 7pm


At the Start

At The Finish

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