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1-4 July, 2020 Classic Denmark

Denmark's Historic Countryside

Over every grassy hill, after each dark forest and beside the
long stretches of coastline is something new to discover.
Wander 75km along part of the South Funen Archipelago Trail and marvel
at the appealing blend of culture and nature with hundreds of other trekkers.

Nature That’s

Close To Home

No longer living in the shadow of Classic Sweden, Classic Denmark is a unique mix of culture and nature that’s appealing in its own right. Discover the full story.


from the trail

From completing all 75km on crutches to making lifelong friends, Classic Denmark is the start of a great story.


The Danish Route

Faldsled Havn

From the charming town of Faldsled via open farmland and historic Steensgaard Manor you crest Trebjerg hill and enjoy spectacular views.


The landscape is green, lush and undulating. Historical remnants dot the countryside. The trail passes through dense forests in vivid shades of green.


Once you’ve cleared the forests, you amble past lakes and open farmland. Eventually you’ll reach the coast where you walk along a pretty pebble beach.

Præstens Skov

Heading inland again you follow a small stream through open wetlands, fertile pastures and old mills.


The countryside rolls out in front of you. It’s dotted with cottages and beautiful churches. The smell of the sea fills the air.


The end’s in sight. But before you cross the finish line you’ll take in another slow-paced fishing village and that same lazily lapping sea.

Bjørnemose Gods

The route ends at beautiful Bjørnemose Gods. The manor house has the most beautiful garden. Now it’s time to party.


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