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Classic Denmark

Published: April 8th 2020


Dear Fjällräven Classic Community,


In accordance with the new Danish regulations issued on April 6th, prohibiting all bigger assemblies of people until August, we have no other option than to cancel our Fjällräven Classic event in Denmark.

We are very grateful for all the engagement our trekking community shows us and we were really looking forward to meeting those of you taking part in Denmark this year. Even though trekking is one of the best activities to undertake from the perspective of minimum virus spread, we fully understand and respect the new regulations.

But not to worry, all tickets for the Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2020 will stay valid and be transferred to the event in 2021 instead.


We too are committed to do our part in flattening the curve and taking our responsibility in any way we can, obviously. But equally obvious to us is that we aren’t going to stop working with our mission – to inspire people to walk with nature, so we have already planned to host the 2021 event in calendar week 27, July 7-10th.


We sincerely hope that you will join us on these dates.


If for some reason you cannot to take part in the Classic Denmark 2021, you have two options:


  • You can sell or give the ticket away to someone who will be able to use it.
  • Or you can sell it back to us and get a full refund.


We will send out further information about your options, together with any updates on next year’s event, in the next four weeks.


For the remaining Fjällräven Classic events, we will keep you updated as things develop.


Kind Regards,

Fjällräven Classic team



Published: March 13th 2020


As per now (CW11, 2020) we’re not planning to cancel the Classic events that we have sold tickets to. If we have to take actions due to further spread of COVID-19 and/or regulations affecting the events on the scheduled dates, we will postpone the event to a later date, this year or next year. Your tickets will be valid for the new dates.


If you want to cancel your participation due to being worried we refer to our Fjällräven Classic group on Facebook where you can sell and buy tickets.


Tickets to the Fjällräven Classic events in USA, Hong Kong and South Korea will be launched for public sale during the first half of May. Further info and a more detailed schedule will be published during April.


Fjällräven is monitoring the development both globally and in the specific areas where we host events. We will under no condition proceed with our events if we see that they could jeopardize the health or safety of our trekkers, volunteers, or staff in any way. Needless to say, we will comply to any rules or regulations issued by authorities in the areas we operate.


Fjällräven International management in cooperation with our Chinese partner has decided not to proceed with preparations for Fjällräven Classic China 2020. Due to the actual situation and its effects the event is cancelled for 2020 and we will not sell any tickets for this year. The reason is the global uncertainty and the schedule we must follow in order to deliver an event that meets ours, and the participants justified expectations.


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