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What's included

Fjällräven Classic is about enabling you to get out and enjoy nature. So we aim to take care of the basics. So your ticket fee includes the following:

• Bus transfers from Bjørnemose Gods (finish) to Faldsled Havn (start). These transfers are arranged on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


• Transport of extra luggage, max 5kg from Faldsled Havn (start) to Bjørnemose (finish). Note, that your bag needs to be clearly marked with your name and contact number. You need to hand your extra luggage in at check-in at Faldsled Havn. The transport of your luggage is at your own risk.


• A route map


• A Trekking Passport to be stamped by Fjällräven officials with stamps at all the checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.


• Gas to use for your camping stove. Gas is Primus Gas for use with stoves with a standard screw thread. Note: if you use petrol or methylated spirit you have to bring your own.


• Freeze-dried food for breakfast and dinner, handed out each day. For lunch we provide rye bread with cold cuts, spread and/or topping.


• Snacks and fresh fruit.


• Coffee and Tea.


• Drinking water at every checkpoint and camp.


• Orange safety tag to attach to your backpack. This is so we can see you’re part of Fjällräven Classic Denmark and not just walking the South Funen Archipelago Trail independently, and it’s also so you can be seen more easily in an emergency situation.


• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag for collecting your own trash. Please don’t litter.


• A Fjällräven Classic Denmark medal when you complete all 75km.


• Final party with live music, competitions and activities.


• Campsite at Bjørnemose Gods (if you want to stay for an extra night and celebrate that you have just finished Fjällräven Classic Denmark 2024).

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