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Health & Safety

Fjällräven Classic Denmark is not a total wilderness hike like Classic Sweden. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t risks. So it’s good to know that aside from having other trekkers around to help, all our checkpoints are staffed by health professionals. If you have any medical issues during the trek, contact the checkpoint or camp staff. They should be able to help with most health issues. But if you have a medical emergency please call 112.

For insurance purposes, please note that only cases of medical emergency are documented. Other examinations, certificates and insurance matters, ought to be handled by your regular medical service at home.


Fjällräven and its partners are not responsible for your whereabouts, so if you need assistance it’s up to you to contact a Fjällräven official or seek your own help. Generally there won’t be organised search and rescue for people who don’t reach the finish.


Fjällräven Classic Denmark is an outdoor event and participation is at own risk.


Please don’t start campfires wherever you feel like it. Parts of the route cross private ground and we need to respect people’s property. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.


Ticks can be a problem in forested parts of Denmark during the summer months. Although small, ticks can carry Borrelia bacteria. If left undetected, this can lead to the disease borreliosis, which can be dangerous. So please check yourself, your trekking buddies, kids and dogs for ticks on a daily basis during Classic Denmark. Ticks particularly like warmer, sweatier areas of the body, such as the crotch, elbow hollows, armpits and knees. So check these places first. If you see a tick you should remove it with fine-tipped tweezers and wash the area with warm soapy water.



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