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At the start

In the start area at Fjällräven Classic Germany you are able to do your Check-in procedure on the following days:

The day before start: 4-8 pm

Starting day: 6-7:30 am



At the start you will also get the following essentials (included in your ticket fee)

  • Trekking pass
  • Route map
  • Trash Bag
  • Orange safety tag
  • Stove
  • Food for the first day

At the start you can make your last preparations, weigh your backpack, consult the trekking hosts and finalize your game plan for the day.

You will get your first stamp in your Trekking Pass at the start as well.

All trekkers start on the first day in four different start groups. From 8:00 am the different groups hit the trail within a few minutes.

As part of Fjällräven Classic, we also offer a number of workshops on proper product care. You can also buy small items of equipment and merchandise.

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