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During the trek

Along the Fjällräven Classic Germany trail there are two designated campsites as well as several checkpoints and mountain cabins

Day 1: 2 checkpoints + 1 mountain cabin

Day 2: 2 checkpoint + 2 mountain cabins

Day 3: 2 checkpoints + 2 mountain cabins

It is very important for your own safety to get your Trekking Pass stamped at the start, finish, at all checkpoints and the campsites. Thereby we can ensure that all participants have successfully completed the individual stages of the route.

After the two overnight stays on the designated campsites, the hike will continue on the 2nd and 3rd day between 8 and 9 am.

There will be plenty of toilets along the way. You can use either the mobile toilets or the toilets in the mountain cabins.

You can also stop at the mountain cabins for refreshments. Please note to therefore have some cash (€) with you.

If you need help or you even have to surrender Fjällräven Classic Germany you can contact our volunteers.

We provide you with a Trash Bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop litter along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or at the campsites. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish.

Join our nature quiz during the hike, submit your answers at the finish line and take part in the draw for great prizes

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