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What essentially started with Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin, inviting groups of people to experience the outdoors with his new functional, durable clothes and equipment in the 70’s, stayed with the brand, developed and grew to become the first Fjällräven Classic event in Sweden. It all started in 2005, when Fjällräven launched the original Classic, a 110 kilometer long hike through the vast wilderness in Swedish Lapland. This was at a time when the interest in outdoor life and trekking in the mountains was on a decline in Sweden, and the purpose was to inspire people to get out and discover the beautiful nature that lay just around the corner. Since then a lot has happened. Fjällräven Classic Sweden started to draw a growing number of trekkers, not only from Sweden but from all over the world.

After a few years Fjällräven launched yet another Classic event in Denmark. Followed by USA (Colorado) in 2016 and Hong Kong in 2017.

Now the interest in trekking in Sweden is booming. And the time is right for the next step of the expansion of a trekking event that has created its own outdoor community: Germany, UK and South Korea.

Each country has its own unique nature, culture and charm, but the concept is the same everywhere – the participants carry their own luggage with tent, sleeping bag, stove etc. and pass checkpoints along the way where they find helping hands and medical care. The focus is on inspiring people to travel in harmony with nature, bring their own equipment and leave nothing but their hiking shoe prints. Every participant is therefore called upon to leave the campsite in a better condition than they found it. The aim is to behave as attentively as possible in nature, to exchange and enrich each other. If your camping stove refuses to serve or a new blister appears on your foot, there is always help at hand. Because at Fjällräven Classic you not only meet like-minded people – you also make new friends.


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