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Fjällräven Classic Germany 2021

Published: February 2021


Dear Fjällräven Classic community,


we have now reached the point in time where we need to make a decision regarding the planned Fjällräven Classic event in Germany for June 10-12th 2021.


We feel a strong responsibility for the event: The health and safety of our trekkers, volunteers and staff is our main priority. Additionally, due to the current situation in Germany there is no chance to get the relevant permits for the event for 2021. So, we have decided to unfortunately cancel the event in 2021.


This is of course very sad, but nothing to question or try to work around. We can only solemnly accept the fact that the fight against the virus and stopping the spread is more important than our event!


What we do know however, is that outdoor experiences are more important now than ever. And that a sound and healthy lifestyle both decreases the risk of getting sick, as well as reducing the risk of serious illness/hospitalization. Outdoor experiences are also beneficiary for your mental health and sanity – especially during times of lock downs and lack of other social recreations.


During the spring we will launch digital events, and physical when possible, that you will be invited to. We see that this will be the development of our trekking community. We hope that you want to be a part of this and help us develop this so that you can get out even more from the time you spend in nature!


Stay tuned and safe!


Your Fjällräven Classic team



Published: December 2020


Dear Fjällräven Classic Community,


we spend, like most of you, a considerable amount of time trying to understand what will happen in 2021 in regards to Covid-19. Due to the unpredictable situation it’s not easy for us to plan the event as usual. However, we want to share our thoughts regarding Fjällräven Classic Germany 2021 with you:

We are preparing to host the event in June 10-12, 2021.

We will not release any new tickets to this event for 2021. This decision was not easy for us but we made it because of several reasons – particularly because we refunded only a few tickets in summer 2020.

Hosting the event will of course only be possible if restrictions and regulations by authorities allow for public events like ours. Under no circumstances will we try to bend the rules or interpret regulations to our advantage. However, we all know that outdoor activities are good for our health and that trekking makes social distancing natural.

We have identified a number of potential risk situations at the event but are seeing ways to take care in those situations in ways that minimizes the risk of virus transfer. The health and wellbeing of the people are always of highest priority for us.


We will continue to keep you updated on a regular basis.


Stay safe and healthy!


Your Fjällräven Classic team

Tickets price


Tickets adult: € 185

Tickets youth: € 150 (aged between 12-18 years)


Note that if you’re under 18 and travelling without your parents you’ll need your parents’ or guardians’ permission to join Classic Germany so we can contact them in case of emergency.

At Fjällräven Classic Germany all participants start on the first day in four different start groups.

You can choose your desired start time with your registration. Please note that if a starting group is already fully booked shifts may occur.


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