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Classic Hong Kong

Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong 2019 cancelled

October 8, 2019


In light of the current situation and the unpredictability of the future development in Hong Kong, we conclude that a smooth running of the Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong event 2019 as well as the safety and wellbeing of our participants, staff members and volunteers cannot be guaranteed.


Compromising safety does not comply with the concept of the Fjällräven Classic which is why we, after extensive discussions with key stakeholder and partners on site evaluation the situation decided to cancel the Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong for 2019, scheduled for October 20-23, 2019.


“The decision to cancel the Fjällräven Classic was not an easy one. We know that a lot of our participants planned long time ahead, took vacation, arranged travel and prepared for the trail. Also, our local team put a lot of effort into planning the trek and everyone was really looking forward to a great time out in nature meeting people from all around the world.


Since the start of the protests we have been following the development in Hong Kong closely through our local partners on site and our office in Hong Kong.


Although the Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong is taking place in the Sai Kung area, which has not been affected by demonstrations at this point we decided to cancel the 2019 event due to the unforeseen circumstances and increased safety risks involved when travelling through the city and major transit hubs. With Fjällräven Classic we want to ensure everyone has a safe and joyful time trekking. The last thing we want is for any participant, staff member or volunteer to accidentally stumble into protests and eventually get hurt. This is why we took the decision to cancel the Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong 2019,” says Martin Axelhed, CEO Fjällräven.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation and will arrange full refunds for the event tickets to all participants. Please contact classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com for further details on refund procedure.

Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong 2019 cancelled

October 8, 2019


鑑於目前香港社會環境上未能預測的因素,並基於各位參加者,同事和義工的安全是首要考量,大會經審慎評估過後決定將原訂於2019年10月20至23日舉辦的 Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong 2019取消。


Fjällräven行政總裁 Martin Axelhed表示:「我們知道大多數參加者已為活動準備就緒、我們的亞太區香港分部同事亦一直積極籌辦活動、我們相信每位參加者、同事、義工都熱切期待與來自世界各地的健行者一同享受大自然,所以取消活動是一個艱難的決定。


近月來,我們一直密切關注香港的情況並配合亞太區香港分部跟進事態發展。儘管活動地點—西貢,位於偏離市區及未受示威活動波及,但基於未來不穩因素和各位乘搭公共交通工具之安全的考量,經過謹慎評估後,我們決定取消今年的活動。舉行活動首要條件是讓任何參與 Fjällräven Classic的人士都能在安全的情況下享受健行。我們不願見到任何參與活動之人士因誤到示威範圍而無辜受傷,所以最後決定取消舉行Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong 2019。




如有任何查詢,請電郵至 classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com


若門票是從 Fjällräven Classic 官方網站購買,10月25日起,退款將於4至6星期內(視乎各大銀行處理事務所需時間)自動退回至您用以付款之信用卡户口。


若您的門票是從第三方購買,請於10月25日前聯絡我們 (classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com) 並提供有關資料及門票參考編號。


若付款之信用卡已失效或有任何更新,請於10月25日前聯絡我們 (classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com) 並提供有關資料及門票參考編號。

Refund Procedure

If you purchased the ticket from us through the Fjällräven Classic Website, the money will automatically be refunded to your credit card. The refund process starts on October 25. The money will be available on your account within 4-6 weeks, depending on your banks processing time.


If you purchased a ticket second hand, please contact us before October 25 through classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com. Please refer to the original order number.


If you purchased a ticket through us, and your card is no longer valid, please contact us before October 25 through classic.hongkong@fjallraven.com. Please refer to the original order number.

Classic Goes Tropical

Classic Hong Kong is the continuation of the tried, tested and loved Fjällräven Classic multi-day trekking concept. With a few key differences: it’ll be hot, humid and constantly undulating. But this trail through forests, up steep climbs and along beaches will be worth the hard work.

The Fjällräven Classic concept started in northern Sweden in 2005. Our goal was to help and inspire more people to get outdoors and reconnect with nature. After many successful years and a growing number of participants, in 2013 we decided to add a new classic in Denmark. This Classic showed people that nature needn’t be far away. In fact, it can be found right on your doorstep. Then in 2016 we added USA to the Classic family with a trek in Colorado, bringing a high-altitude trek into the Classic mix.


Now it’s Hong Kong’s turn. Although hundreds of people travel to Classics in Sweden and Denmark, and now the USA too, we want to open up the Classic concept in Asia and introduce even more people to the Fjällräven way of trekking: with everything you need on your back, in good company and respecting nature.


This 47,88 km trek over three days includes steep climbs, beach camping and breathtaking views. There are few places in the world where tropical forest, ocean and city meet. It’s a landscape that’s got to be seen to be believed.


With Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong, we take care of the logistics – food, transfers, checkpoints, support and even a few little treats along the way – but you’ll do the trekking with all you need packed into a backpack. You’ll move at a pace that suits you, soak up plenty of ‘me time’ and even make new friends along the way.


Environmental Issues


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