Classic Hong Kong

Classic Goes Tropical

Classic Hong Kong is the continuation of the tried, tested and loved Fjällräven Classic multi-day trekking concept. With a few key differences: it’ll be hot, humid and constantly undulating. But this trail through forests, up steep climbs and along beaches will be worth the hard work.

The Fjällräven Classic concept started in northern Sweden in 2005. Our goal was to help and inspire more people to get outdoors and reconnect with nature. After many successful years and a growing number of participants, in 2013 we decided to add a new classic in Denmark. This Classic showed people that nature needn’t be far away. In fact, it can be found right on your doorstep. Then in 2016 we added USA to the Classic family with a trek in Colorado, bringing a high-altitude trek into the Classic mix.

Now it’s Hong Kong’s turn. Although hundreds of people travel to Classics in Sweden and Denmark, and now the USA too, we want to open up the Classic concept in Asia and introduce even more people to the Fjällräven way of trekking: with everything you need on your back, in good company and respecting nature.

This 47,88 km trek over three days includes steep climbs, beach camping and breathtaking views. There are few places in the world where tropical forest, ocean and city meet. It’s a landscape that’s got to be seen to be believed.

With Fjällräven Classic Hong Kong, we take care of the logistics – food, transfers, checkpoints, support and even a few little treats along the way – but you’ll do the trekking with all you need packed into a backpack. You’ll move at a pace that suits you, soak up plenty of ‘me time’ and even make new friends along the way.


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