Classic Hong Kong

The Route


Kei Ling Ha

You leave the bustling city behind you and begin to climb straight away. Don’t forget to take a breather at the top and marvel at the spectacular views.

Sham Chung

As you make your way down towards the first Checkpoint at Sham Chung, keep an eye out for remnants of traditional Hakka villages and semi-hidden remains of walled farming terraces.

Hoi Ha

A gently undulating path skirts the coast before cutting inland towards the village of Hoi Ha. Look out for porcupines, pangolins and local cattle.

Wan Tsai

Camp 1 awaits and your legs can enjoy a welcome rest. If you arrive early be sure to check out the Marine Life Centre & Marine Park.

Cheung Sheung

Leaving the coast and the campsite behind you, you head inland through lush grassy fields. There’s a gradual climb to the Checkpoint at Cheung Sheung, where you’ll find some welcome refreshment.

Pak Tam Au

The descent to the Pak Tam Au checkpoint may be short, but it sure is steep. Take your time and enjoy the scenic views on your way down.

Ham Tin

The reward after a hot day out is the beach campsite at Ham Tin. This is a popular place for surfing and bathing, so make time for a cool, post-hike dip.

Sai Wan Village

Leaving the beach behind you head up – again – to the cliff top. But once again, the reward of a stunning views make up for the effort. Look back and see how far you’ve come!

Yee Ting Campsite

With more winding trails through varying terrain you should be sure to keep hydrated. Look out for a secret waterfall too.

Pak Tam Chung Po Leung Kuk

The home stretch! Soon you’ll be discussing trekking tales with your new hiking buddies in the Trekkers Inn.