Packing list

Here is our full Classic Hong Kong packing list. You’ll notice there are a few asterisks (*) alongside some of the items. This is because these things are mandatory.


We have a list of mandatory items because, for safety reasons, it’s vital you have your own gear. But, mandatory equipment may be shared with your fellow trekkers if you’re trekking in a group.

• 45-65lr backpack with rain protection cover*

• Light sleeping bag or sleeping bag liner*

• Tent*

• Stove* with a deep pan – good for boiling water for the freeze dried meals

• Matches/lighter and fuel*

• Dish cloth

• Small towel

• Water bottle, minimum 1ltr*

•Small knife with scissors or a multi-tool

• Toiletries

• Toilet paper in a plastic bag

• Map* and compass*

• Head torch

• Sunglasses

• First aid kit* including dressings, plasters, tape, painkillers and disinfectant

• Trekking socks, preferably in thin wool or synthetic material

• A change of shoes or flip flops/sandals to give your feet a break

• Underwear in thin wool or in a synthetic material

• Sun hat/cap

• Rain/shell jacket. (Be aware that the heat and humidity in Hong Kong may affect the performance of your shell layers. And you could also overheat. We advise using an umbrella to stay dry and help you keep your cool.)

• Rain/shell trousers

• A light mid layer/vest

• Trekking trousers or shorts (You may want to use gaiters too, as you’ll be walking through tropical forest conditions at times.)

• T-shirt

• Trekking boots

• Trekking poles