How it works?

How it works?

Reserve through booking page 

Choose and add the equipment you want

On the booking page you will be able to enter approx. your arrival and pick up date

You will receive a booking confirmation after you sent your request

We will open up the reservation when the event is completely confirmed.

If you have a reservation from  2020, you will get a chance to re-confirm you reservation.


 Pick up your equipment 

Your order will be ready at the requested starting date. We are located in the registration area at classic and have big signs pointing in our direction

When receiving your equipment, make sure everything works. We help you pitch your tent, try campfire stove and adjust your backpack.Let us know if your starting time or unexpected event happens so we know if your booking should be changed or cancelled


 Enjoy your camping trip during Classic! 

We wish you a pleasant journey at the Classic trail

Being well equipped will make your camping holiday enjoyable, fun and memorable


Drop off your equipment

When you arrive at the finish, we will once again collect the equipment. Search for the big signs saying Rental Classic

Before you leave, we wish you a safe trip back and hope to see you again

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