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During The Trek

Fjällräven Classic Korea has seven checkpoints included of start and finish, In all the checkpoints, every participants have to get a stamp on the trekking pass and record arrival time in the guest book, In the absence of staffs for emergency, you can stamp it yourself.

In the first day, there is only national park sign during the trek because of regulation, it means that you have to check the map carefully. Also, in the Eorimok Shelter, you must leave to the Yeong-sil trek before 13:30. All of classic Korea trail is the part of the National Park and is prohibited from cooking on all trails except for camping sites. In particular, only Korean rice roll and burgers are allowed on the first day of the course, so the Korean rice roll will be served for lunch.

Unlike Classic Sweden, you’re not free to camp anywhere. But you do have a choice of designated camping areas marked on your Classic Korea map (included in the ticket price). So, we will camp in the Hawon village campground for the 1st night and Yusuam village campground for the 2nd night.

We provide you with a trash bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop litter along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or wind shelters. If you are caught doing so, you will be disqualified. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish. You carry the trash bag all the way to the finish.


You can abandon Fjällräven Classic Korea at any time, but due to lack of roads, you’ll still have to walk back to start or finish. Please contact a checkpoint official or – if you have a mobile phone, call the contact number on the trekking pass

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