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Classic Korea



Oct 16 – 19, 2024



A hometown of enthusiastic trekkers, Korea has become a new hero of Fjällräven Classic in 2024. Our successful trekking culture started with Fox Trekking, the local trekking event since 2014 is now heading for global one.Through Classic Korea, you can meet beautiful and mysterious volcanic island Jeju. The journey facing the south face of the magnificent Hallasan Mountain, the highest peak of Korea at the center of it, will be a challenging experience. Moreover, walking along deep and tranquil forest trails surrounding Mt. Hallasan will help you heal and refresh your soul.

The Fjällräven Classic concept started in northern Sweden in 2005. Our goal was to help and inspire more people to get outdoors and reconnect with nature. After many successful years and a growing number of participants, in 2013 we decided to add a new classic in Denmark. This Classic showed people that nature needn’t be far away. In fact, it can be found right on your doorstep. Then in 2016, we added the USA to the Classic family with a trek in Colorado, bringing a high-altitude trek into the Classic mix and the city and added Hong kong that connected with city to mountain, forest, tropical emerald beach as well.


Now, Fjällräven classic meets Korea. Since the first Korean 20 participants joined classic Sweden in 2013, more than 300 Korean participants experience the Fjällräven classic every year. Now, passion leads to Jeju. The 57 km trail, including the beautiful and unique Mt. Hallasan National park, which shining on UNESCO’s natural heritage, will leave unforgettable memories for trekkers all around the world.

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