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We need your help to keep nature clean and pristine for others to enjoy. It is completely prohibited to leave any kind of litter along the trail. You’ll be given a reusable trash bag to collect your rubbish and litter during Fjällräven Classic. Once you reach the finish in Abisko, you can weigh your trash bag before disposing of its contents. In return you will have the chance to receive a Fjällräven prize. Thanks for keeping the trail clean!

A breach of the littering rules will result in an immediate disqualification from Fjällräven Classic Sweden and you’ll be prohibited from participation in any future Fjällräven events. Furthermore, littering will be reported to the police, as it’s a breach of the Swedish Environmental Code.

When nature calls

Human waste is another matter. This should not go into the trash bag. There are several no-water toilets along the routes at the checkpoints and mountain cabins. At several checkpoints you will find urine diverting toilets. For diversion to work well, you have to sit down, quite far back on the ring. Of course, even at cabins and wind shelters, you should sit down when using the toilets. If nature calls when you’re far from a toilet: Dig a small hole. Relieve yourself. Cover the hole with earth. Please bury your toilet paper as well or take it with you. NB! In Abisko National Park you’re not allowed to dig, there you have to cover feces with stones and bring the toilet paper with you. Important: Do never relieve yourself in or close to a water course.

Packing list

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