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At The Finish

At The Finish

Once you’ve made it, tired but satisfied and happy, over the finish line in Abisko, before you can head into the Trekker’s Inn pub for a celebratory drink, you’ll need to get your last stamp in your Trekking Pass. And it’s here you’ll also receive your Fjällräven Classic Sweden medal. After finish you can collect your luggage, the luggage check-out has 24h service.

If a shower sounds more appealing than the Trekker’s Inn, then you’re in luck. You have access to changing rooms, showers and even another sauna in Abisko. You’ll need to pay a small fee at the Abisko Tourist Station reception desk  – but it’s so worth it.

Whether you shower first or second, don’t miss a visit to the Trekker’s Inn. Aside from food and drink, there’s a lottery 9 PM from Sunday to Thursday for your chance to win some great gear from Fjällräven and our partners . You receive your lottery ticket when weighing in your Trash Bag at the finish.

Trekker’s Inn is open Friday 9:th 7 pm – 12 pm,  Saturday 10:th – Thursday 15:th 11 am – 2 am, Friday 16:th and Saturday 17:th of August 4 pm – 12 pm.


In Abisko there will be plenty of 15 year anniversary activities, join us!


  • Every day 09.00 -18.00  Abisko Naturum,  Do not miss the slideshow, exhibitions and guided tours about Abisko National Park.
  • Every day 9.30 -16.00 Chair lift and Aurora Sky Station Café, take the chair lift up to the mountain Nuolja and enjoy the marvellous view over Abisko National Park.
  • Sunday – Thursday [reservations] Massage for tired muscles, reservation charts in the main entrance.
  • Sunday – Friday [info desk] Test a Fjällräven tent, For one night you have the possibility to try out a Fjällräven tent. Contact the Fjällräven Classic Information Desk for more information.
  • Tuesday – Thursday Map and compass exercise with Brunton, Test to navigate with map and compass in a fun excercise. Primus/Hanwag/Brunton Tentipi


Trekkers Inn – lectures and presentations


  • Sunday – Thursday 21:30 Release of the new Fjällräven Polar film
  • Sunday – Thursday 15.00 Abisko Mountain Station – Activities in Abisko all year round, come and be inspired!
  • Monday – Thursday 16:30 Equipment care and tips, how to take care of your tent, backpack and sleeping bag after a long trek 
  • Monday – Thursday 17:00 Who can leave tracks in Abisko National Park? The Abisko National Park Information center chat about the inhabitants of the park and other exciting details
  • Monday – Thursday 18:00 Trekking around the world  Fjällräven Classic destinations around the world: Denmark, USA, Hongkong, Korea and more….
  • Tuesday – Thursday Fjällräven Classic 15th Anniversary celebration cake, for everyone during the afternoon
  • Tuesday – Thursday 14:30 How to use the compass with Brunton Learn the basics of how to use a magnetic compass by Brunton, some good tips and advices
  • Tuesday – Thursday 15:30 Plogga with Erik Ahlström, join for a plogga lecture and session, listen and walk or run! Erik is a true outdoor ambassador, also the founder of plogga, an activity to inspire us all to keep our surroundings clean and free from trash



At The Start

During The Trek

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