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At the Start

At the Start

If you arrive directly to the start you are able to do your check in procedure there and pick up your food and gas. The first start is at 09:00 Friday 11th of August. When you arrive with the buses during the day, do your last preparations and start when ever you want, until 16:00.


We provide bus transportation from the check in in Kiruna to the start in Nikkaluokta. The bus journey takes roughly one hour and this is what you purchase your slot and start ticket for.


The departure groups/bus departures from Högalidskolan that you will register for when you purchase your start ticket will be posted as soon as possible.


Upon arrival to Nikkaloukta and the start you can make your last preparations, weigh your backpack, consult the trekking hosts, purchase some snacks and finalize your game plan for the day.


Here you also receive your safety tag that you tie to your backpack, with the safety tag on the back pack there is never any question if you are part of the event and are eligible for service at the checkpoints.


The last thing you do before hitting the trail is to pass thru the Fjällräven tent and get your first stamp in the trekking pass.


Nikkaluokta is a small Sami village and the local chapel upon the hill will be open for everyone to visit Friday 11:th – Sunday 13:th August with devotions in between.


During The Trek

At The Finish

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