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Meeting Place and Check-In

Meeting Place & Check-In

Fjällräven Classic organizes shuttle buses from Kiruna Airport and train station to our check in at Högalidskolan. Our hosts are stationed during Thurday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and can inform you about next departure and answer other questions you might have upon arrival.


In Kiruna the check in to Fjällräven Classic is situated at Högalidskolan (WGS84: 67°51’35.1″N 20°14’6.1″E). This is where you check-in and receive your map, Trekking Pass and waste bag; where you pick up your food and gas for the trek; where you leave your extra luggage for transportation to Abisko. You can even buy outdoor gear at the small pop-up shop from Naturkompaniet. The check in is close to the camping in Kiruna.


The check-in is open

Thursday: 12.00-20.00

Friday: 06:00-20.00

Saturday: 06:00-20.00

Sunday: 06.00-11.00



In Kiruna, outside Högalidskolan, we run short presentations on subjects like “How to pack your backpack”, “Stay warm in your sleepingbag” and other tips from our trekking hosts.



For the trek we supply you with Real Turmat, freeze-dried food from Drytech.  You pic up food for the first three days at the check in. The tastes that we serve spread out along the trek are changing, theese are most probably what you will find:

Chili con carne, Pasta bolognese, Reindeer stew, Chicken curry, Pulled port w. rice, Creamy salmon w. pasta, Beef stew, Kebab stew, Cod in curry sauce, Chicken tikka masala, Beef and potato stew, Couscous w. lentils and spinach (veg), Chili stew with Beans (vegan), Squash and sweet potato casserole (vegan), Thai red curry (vegan), Pasta in tomato sauce (vegan). Breakfasts: Fruit muesli, Chocolate muesli, Blueberry and vanilla muesli.

At the Start

During The Trek

At The Finish

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