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Classic Sweden


Fjällräven Classic Sweden wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners and suppliers. You can find out more about all of them below.
Want to update your gear collection with everything you’ll need for Fjällräven Classic Sweden, then Naturkompaniet is the place to go. It has shops in all major Swedish cities. www.naturkompaniet.se


Lightweight and ultra functional, Primus stoves are long-distance trekking essentials. Primus is the oldest outdoor stove manufacturing company in the world and the portable kerosene stove was the stove of choice for Tenzing and Hillary on their ground-breaking first ascent of Mount Everest in 1953. www.primus.se

Where do you go for hardwearing mountain trekking shoes and boots? Hanwag. Originally a small family firm of shoemakers who took great care in making high quality boots for outdoor use, Hanwag has now spread around the world. www.hanwag.de

The Swedish Tourist Association (STF)

The King’s Trail- originated by STF Kungsleden, the King’s Trail, is one of the world’s most unique and popular hiking trails. The first part of the trail was originated by STF as early as 1887. STF has since then developed a network of mountain facilities along the trails that cover large parts of the mountains in Swedish Lapland. Today, the STF mountain stations and huts act as hubs for hikers. We are glad that Fjällräven Classic supports us in our work to keep the mountains open for all. www.swedishtouristassociation.com/about-stf/

Fjällräven Classic Sweden is now a huge event with 2,000 trekkers. Aktivut AB  recruit all the volunteers, manage the logistics and safety during the event and  organize everything practical the course to ensure everyone has a truly memorable experience. www.aktivut.se
Abisko Naturum
Abisko is where happiness levels peak as this is where everyone crosses the finishing line. It also has a special place in Fjällräven’s heart and gives our Abisko collection its name. So take some time to visit the exhibitions and take in a lecture at Abisko Naturum and learn a little more about this beautiful area.
When in Sweden it’s worth trying something traditionally Swedish. Polarbröd makes traditional Swedish flatbread using 100-year-old methods from Northern Sweden. And it’s really tasty too. During its 36-year history, it’s grown from a small family bakery to Sweden’s third largest bread producer. www.polarbrod.se
BDX och Klemo
It’s not easy getting things from A to B in places without roads but BDX and Klemo makes it possible. And it’s an essential part of our logistical operation.
We provide you with freeze-dried breakfasts, lunches and dinners to take with you along the Classic Sweden trail. And these freeze-dried meals come from REAL Turmat. The meals are mainly made from fresh Norwegian ingredients that are dried using the Drytech drying process. This process maintains the natural taste, flavour, appearance and nutritional values of the original fresh ingredients. www.drytech.no
Camp Ripan
Base camp Högalidskolan is situated next to Camp Ripan. There’s loads of space for all of your tents, plus there are cabins to rent, a spa, padel court, volleyball courts and a bar and restaurant. www.ripan.se
Nikkaluokta Sarri AB
Nikkaluokta Sarri AB runs Fjällräven Classic Sweden’s start area in Nikkaluokta. In the magnificent main building inspired by Sami design, you’ll find both the competition secretariat and a restaurant, just in case you need a quick bite to eat before you hit the trail. Accommodation is also available. www.nikkaluokta.com

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