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Classic Sweden


The Swedish Route


The journey begins in birch forest. Rounded peaks rise to meet the sky in the distance. The anticipation for the journey ahead is palpable.


You’re surrounded by nature’s giants, with Sweden’s highest peak to your right. The mountains won’t leave your side from here on.


The stony path follows a river through the valley. The trees are gone and moss takes over, colouring the landscape in shades of green.


The valley widens, the peaks soften and stream turns into a gushing river. A cold dip and a hot sauna await at the Sälka checkpoint.


From Sälka the path climbs upwards. When you cross the Tjäktja Pass (1,140m) the trail continues down through the rocky valley.


To describe the area between Tjäktja and Alesjaure as dramatic is an understatement. This grand landscape has to be seen to be believed.


After skirting Alesjaure Lake you follow the mountain Kartinvare. The seemingly neverending path ends in a welcome reward.


The landscape ends as it begun, in birch forest. But your mind is full of memories and your heart has been warmed by new friends.

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