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Hike prep OLD

Do you wonder how should you prepare to manage the trek in the best way possible?


If you are looking for the perfect training program to prepare for Fjällräven Classic Sweden. You are in the right place. This year we introduce Hikeprep, a online training program for Dutch and Swedish particpants. Other nationalities are of course welcome to join too, but the program will be held in Dutch and Swedish.


How does it work?

Upon registration you will have direct access to the app & the community. You can start with the weekly online & live training sessions and you can start training on demand. You can also browse through various videos about gear, sleeping, posture, etc. Each  month you’ll follow live workshops about your preparation for the Fjällräven Classic. Through the community you can stay informed about the special events, the workshops & workouts , you’ll find all the links to the classes and live events and meet other hikers who will hike the Classic.


The program include:

  • Weekly training sessions to prepare physically for the hike in a small online group.
  • Monthly workshops on topics such as equipment & gear, food, nutition & energy, how to sleep good in the outdoors, how to purify water, how to find the perfect tent site etc.
  • Personal advice and possibilities to ask all your questions during the sessions or in a chat feed
  • Experienced Swedish/Dutch trainers with mountain leader education, there to help you through the whole progam.
  • A community where you connect to fellow hikers and share knowledge and engagement.


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