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What's included

Fjällräven Classic is about enabling you to get out and enjoy nature. So we aim to take care of the basics. So your ticket fee includes the following:


• Bus transfers from Kiruna Airport and Kiruna Railway Station to the Classic Sweden basecamp at Högalidsskolan in Kiruna.


• Bus transfers from the basecamp at Högalidsskolan to the start of Classic Sweden in Nikkaluokta.


• Transportation of one bag up to 60lts/20kgs from Kiruna or Nikkaluokta to Abisko. Luggage that is larger or heavier can be handed in for an extra cost. At registration you’ll receive a name & start-number tag, which you should attach to your luggage when you check it in. You can collect your luggage in Abisko 24-hours a day.


• A map at a scale of 1:75,000 and a plastic cover.


• One roll of toilette paper. Observe: there are no toilette paper in the toilettes along the trek, this is why you receive it at the check in. We have choosen not to fly out toiletpaper with helicopter.


• A Trekking Pass to be stamped by Fjällräven officials with unique stamps at all the checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish.


• Gas, petrol or methylated spirit to use for your camping stove. Fuel is handed out at check-in. Note: if you use petrol or methylated spirit you have to bring your own bottle. Gas is Primus Gas for use with stoves with a standard screw thread (see picture here). You can refill with gas (not petrol or methylated spirit) at Sälka and Alesjaure (you can see the opening time for the refill stations in the paragraph below).


• Freeze-dried food and bread for the hike. This will available at the check-in and you can refill food at checkpoint Sälka and checkpoint Alesjaure. Bread is only delivered at check-in.


• An orange safety tag to attach to your backpack. This is so we can see you’re part of Fjällräven Classic Sweden and it’s also so you can be seen more easily in an emergency situation. The safety tag is handed out at the start in Nikkaluokta.


• Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag for taking care of your rubbish. During the hike you collect all your waste in the bag as you are not allowed to leave any waste along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or wind shelters.


• A Fjällräven Classic Sweden medal when you complete all 110km.

Packing list

Stamps & Boat


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