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We are all effected by the current Covid-19 situation, wherever we are in the world. Some of us aren’t allowed to go outside while others still can. In the strong hopes that things will get better for all of us in the near future, and all Classic events will be held, here are some tips and preparations.

It’s a good time to try out those boots

If you are in self-isolation indoors, it’s a good time to try out those boots. Put them on and walk around in them everywhere in you apartment/house. Pack your backpack with different weights and put it on so that it fits comfortably. Walk around, bend your knees, walk up and down the stairs if you have the opportunity. Try to find other ways to exercise your back and legs.

Pitch your tent

If you own a tent, try clearing a space and practice pitching your tent (you can tie the cords to things nearby – chair, table, bookshelf) and then pull it down and re-pack it.

If you are still able to go outside – great! This is a good time to spend more time in nature, alone or with a friend (keeping to your local social distancing regulations). Pack you backpack, put on your boots and enjoy the spring that’s on its wayJTry out different kinds of nature – on paths, uphill, downhill, rocky trails, flat roads and so on. And practice pitching that tent!

If  you don´t have a backpack, boots or tent yet, and are not even allowed to go to the store, visit our online store.

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