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The Fjällräven Classic Sweden trail starts in Nikkaluokta, but unless you have a car, you’ll find it difficult to get there. But that’s where we come in. We take care of most of the logistics on the ground once you arrive in Kiruna, the main transport hub for the region. And we make sure you get to the start in Nikkaluokta. But getting to Kiruna is up to you.

Take the train to Fjällräven Classic

A big part of Fjällräven Classic Sweden is to experience the fantastic nature! And what better way to do so by taking the train to Fjällräven Classic? During your train ride you’ll experience how the landscape slowly changes outside your window. From the city of Stockholm, through greens forests to vast landscapes in the north. And if you’re really lucky, you can meet likeminded people and maybe find a new friend. VY offers different alternatives but make sure to you book early to ensure your place. Also be sure to arrive in Kiruna in good time (preferable a day in advance or at least a couple of hours before, since you need to register and sort out food, equipment etc. before you leave for Nikkaluokta).   There are night trains with VY from Stockholm every evening that arrive in Kiruna the morning after, perfect for a day in Kiruna, check in to Classic and arrange the last things for the hike. Trains and buses in the North of Sweden can also be reserved at SJ.

You can also fly. Flights from Stockholm take roughly 90 minutes. For flight booking visit SAS or Norwegian Airlines.

Transfer in Kiruna

We provide transfers from Kiruna Airport and Kiruna train station to our check in at Högalidskolan. There will be shuttle buses leaving approximately every 50 minute from Kiruna Airport and every 30 minute from the train station to Högalidskolan upon each flight and train arrival Thursday 11th of August to Sunday 14th of August until 10 am. If the bus is not there when you exit, just relax and wait, it will come. Our hosts will be there to help.


The bus transfer from Högalidskolan to the start in Nikkaluokta is included and provided by us, this bus departure is the one you purchase your start ticket for.

Car Parking

If you travel by car and want to park it in Kiruna during Fjällräven Classic Sweden there are a limited amount of parking lots at the base camp at Högalidsskolan. In addition, there are parking lots at Matojärvi ice hall, about 500 m from the base camp.

Transfer from Abisko

We arrange transfers from Abisko to Kiruna city centre and Kiruna Airport for all flight departures from Monday 15 of August to Saturday 20 of Augusti in the morning. This transfer is not included in the ticket price. The bus ticket Abisko-Kiruna costs 200SEK and can be purchased in Abisko at the finish. Please note that you must buy a ticket as soon as possible after finish.  In addition to these buses, there are public trains and buses. You can check public bus timetables here: www.ltnbd.se and trains here: www.vy.se . Trains from Abisko go to Kiruna and all the way to Stockholm and further south as well as to Narvik in Norway.


If you prefer to stay at at Björklidens Fjällby, there will be buses on their behalf  in the afternoon 16, 17 & 18:th of August that pick you up and drive you to Björkliden. The preliminary time is 17:00 they are preliminary and might depart a bit later if needed.



Along the trek you’ll be sleeping in a tent wherever you want of course, but before and after the hike you have a few options, some with more comforts than others.


Kiruna Camp Ripan next to Högalidsskolan. Hotel rooms, cabins and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 630 00. Scandic Hotell Ferrum – Hotel rooms. Phone +46 (0)980 39 86 00. For more accommodation alternatives in Kiruna visit: www.kirunalapland.se/en/accommodation/.

Nikkaluokta Nikkaluokta Sarri AB. Cabins and camping. Phone +46 (0)980 550 15.

Abisko Abisko Tourist Station . Hotel rooms, cabins, overnight beds and camping (situated just by the finish). Phone +46 (0)980 40200. Abisko Mountain Lodge. Hotel rooms and cabins (situated approx. 2 km from the finish). Phone +46 (0)980 401 00. Björkliden Fjällby Hotel rooms, cabins, hostel and camping (situated approx. 8 km from the finish and offer included transfer from the finish 16-18 of August). Phone +46 (0)980 64100.

Jukkasjärvi The famous Ice Hotel is situated in Jukkasjärvi, just 20 km outside of Kiruna and offer accommodation in huts.




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