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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Our main goal is to inspire and enable more people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. So, looking out for nature, preserving it and protecting it, is a given. We do this in many ways, including how and where we source our materials, how we produce our clothing and equipment, and, of course, how we run our events.

Since 2010, Fjällräven Classic Sweden (the original Classic event) has been labelled as an Eco Event by Keep Sweden Tidy. In essence, this means the event’s environmental impact is as small as possible. Our aim is for all other Classic events to follow the same principles of sustainability and environmental awareness.

Fjällräven Classic events are also our way of educating, informing and inspiring you and your fellow trekkers. It’s all about sharing ideas for how you can minimise your negative environmental impacts.

Environmental Policy

  • Fjällräven Classic UK should be an environmentally-aware event that considers the environment in all decisions, including our choice of partners.


  • Fjällräven Classic UK is an event in a unique mountain environment that we want to preserve and protect for future generations.


  • Fjällräven Classic UK should educate, inform and inspire both officials and participants to be environmentally responsible, and thereby promote sustainable development.


  • Our work with environmental issues should continuously be improved. Fjällräven Classic UK strives to decrease the impact on the environment, prevent pollution and organise an environmentally safe event.


  • Fjällräven Classic UK has the same national environmental quality goals that the Scottish Parliament has adopted as guidance for environmental issues.


  • Fjällräven Classic UK should follow appropriate regulations as well as relevant environmental requirements.

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