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During The Trek

During The Trek

There are several checkpoints along the Fjällräven Classic USA route – including the start and finish – and they’re staffed until all participants have passed. You need to get your Hiking Pass stamped at each one and fill in the guest book with your checkpoint arrival time. In case of emergency and the officials have to leave the tent, the stamp will be placed outside the tent for you to stamp your Hiking Pass yourself.

You will be given a site to camp at. Information on camping spots will be provided by Fjällräven Classic Staff at the checkpoints you pass along the trail.


We provide you with a trash bag to collect your non-human waste during the trek. And it’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop any trash. If you do so, you will be disqualified. We want to keep the area pristine and free from trash. You can leave the trash from your trash bag at the finish and we’ll take care of the contents.


Human waste is another matter though. You will receive a wag-bag should the need arise out on the trail. LNT principles of a cathole 6-9” deep & carrying out TP is another acceptable form of going to the bathroom. We recommend you go before you leave each morning!


In case of illness or injury during the trek please note that there is always trained medical staff at each checkpoint and the night camps. If you for some reason are unable to proceed you can always stay put on the trail where you are. Following the last participants we have a sweeping patrol with trained medical staff they will be able to help you.


If you have an emergency situation you must call 911.

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