Classic USA

The Route

The Start: Tennessee Pass

Starting at 10,447ft (3,184m), enjoy a gradual downhill hike into a marshy meadow. From there, you will pass by the practice ski slope of the 10th Mountain Division. Enjoy the views and a bit of history!

Checkpoint 1

After passing through a beautiful lodgepole pine stand, you will arrive at checkpoint #1 near the East Fork Eagle River. Take a break and enjoy the soothing river.

Camp 1

Just a quick stroll down the river through the fields and you will arrive at campground #1. Day 1 complete! This is the easiest day, so get some rest for a challenging Day 2.

Checkpoint 2

Leave the camp and head out on the single-track Colorado Trail and start the climb. Day 2 has 3024 ft. of elevation gain, but oh the views you will see!

Camp 2

Once you conquer Kokomo Pass, continue climbing up to Campground #2 for the final mile. But don’t worry; Camp 2 will not disappoint.

Checkpoint 3

Cruise steadily through the high meadows over Searle’s Pass to Janet’s cabin, making the most of the cool air. From Checkpoint 3 you’ll start your descent down to Copper Mountain Ski Area.

The Finish: Copper Mountain

You’ve made it! Now it’s time for a cold beverage in the Trekkers Inn and some serious high-fiving. Your Classic USA journey is complete.

Fjällräven Classic USA 2018
Topo Map


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